Recurring Resolutions or Achievements

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We have officially reached a new year and a time when people are reflecting on their past year and life in general and identifying what they would like to change or improve. This is why many people set what we widely refer to as New Year Resolutions at the beginning each year. The problem is each year this is exactly what they remain as they roll over into the next year…resolutions. What we need to be ensuring is that each year we are setting new resolutions because the previous ones have become achievements. This blog post will be about the power of setting goals and how you can set them in a way that will make them achievable.
While the ultimate goal of any resolution is ideally to succeed, what this means is unbelievably subjective from person to person and so you need to ask yourself, what does success mean to me? This can be anything from getting certain grades in school; to landing a job you have always wanted, just be specific. If you want to do better in school- what grades do you want? If you want to start eating better- what should you be eating? If you want to get a job- what job are you after? One of the most popular resolutions to be made every year are to make more money, become rich and despite it not being a completely ludicrous goal many still fail because they do not identify the steps that need to be taken in order to reach this goal. If you want to make more money this year, what do you have to do in order to get it? Tell yourself exactly what you need to do in order to achieve this. “I need a job that pays well, good grades in order to get that job, to revise more in order to get good grades, to stop procrastinating in order to revise more, keep my room tidy so I don’t have to procrastinate.” Even if you want to get better grades in school tell yourself, “I need to be achieving straight X’s across my subjects, I need to pass my exams to get these grades, I need to revise more in order to pass more exams, I need to attend more study sessions in order to revise more… I would finish this off but this is your goal to interpret and unpack.
This is a system that needs to be implemented into all of your goals and all it does is make them that much more achievable because now not only do you have a goal, but now you know exactly how to achieve it. Despite what has just been said you should also not be scared and subsequently limit yourself out of a fear of failure. If you have just started Spanish at school for example don’t just make your goal be to pass it, tell yourself exactly what grade you want out of it by the end of the year, that way you know exactly how much work to put in. Being afraid to fail is something everyone in this world struggles with and while you may feel that keeping your goals extremely general and rather modest it is also, the fastest route to becoming average. Failure is always a possibility but so is success. What you need to be doing is increasing your chances of one and stifling the chances of the other. Something to keep in mind this season as we kick off this new year is ‘Always aim for the moon, even if you fail you will land among the stars.’
Happy New Year everybody.

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