No.1 Tutors for English, Maths, Sciences & 11+

Help can be provided with English, Mathematics, Sciences, 11+ and more.

Our variety of well-equipped tutors allows us to provide help with numerous subjects. Although we are assisting a large proportion of our students in Mathematics, Sciences, English and 11+, we do cater for more. We have an extensive pool of resources, allowing us to provide stimulating tasks for all.

We offer guaranteed results.

With a perfect record of outstanding achievement for all pupils, we are confident that we are the best. Each tutor is well-trained and conforms to strict procedures to ensure that all tutees have guaranteed results.

“With a high pass rate, we know what we’re doing.”

We have been helping students of all ages since 1996 in America, Ghana, South Africa and recently (2012) No.1 Tutors in the UK and we’re yet to disappoint. We have provided consistent, informative lessons for many years and a passionate student will always succeed with us!

Our small classes are educational but engaging.

Depending on your requirements, we can facilitate the teaching of large groups right down to individuals. We have individuals who are taught in their homes (subject to availability and terms and conditions). Regardless of class size, the delivery of each lesson is perfected to ensure that students make immense bounds of progress.

“We adapt tutoring techniques to be more personal.”

Acknowledging that no person learns the same, all tutees are examined frequently and lessons are changed accordingly. We help individuals identify their learning styles and we ensure that our classes are rich in what works for you.

No.1 Tutors consists of only the best.

Even before the founding of No.1 Tutors, our workforce have always loved teaching. Each tutor is passionate about tutoring with all having a substantial amount of experience prior to joining us.

“Led by over 15 years worth of experience.”

It’s great that our tutors have a passion for academia but we demand results. Consequently, our tutors are hand-picked as well as judged on their ability to teach whilst inspiring. All our staff, regardless of specialism, are even required to pass an exam at interview!


“With an experienced and dedicated team, we’re sure that you’ll be on the road to success in no time.”

Do you or your child need a personal tutor?

We have a trained workforce on-hand to help with academia; from 11+ preparation to post graduate study. We’ve got you sorted.

If you’re in need of assistance for either your child or yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch via Email or Phone.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-No.1 Tutors