The physics of learning

At first Science can seem like a daunting topic filled with many formulas and procedures and it can be a struggle to determine where to start. We can help you navigate its intimidating current and in building a comprehensive framework when approaching this topic.

The chemistry of understanding

Just like in chemistry when it comes to understanding science it requires a certain combination of elements to produce the desired result. One of those key elements is understanding. Understanding is what helps us to determine when we need to use the fundamental principles of the subject. With different aids to help accompany your learning experience gaining an understanding of science won’t be too far off.

The biology of application

Within the matter of the world there is a natural evolution. Just like with our process. You can learn all the formulas and understand why we apply them. However, at the end of the day it remains as knowledge. This won’t be enough if you have no clue as to how to apply that knowledge. The next step after understanding is applying it. At No.1 Tutors we do just, that providing you with the tools you need to take what you’ve learned at adapt it to fit the scenarios which you will be faced with during an exam. Meaning a success in science is guaranteed.