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Who are you? What makes you tick? Would you be easily defined by your virtues or …

Tutoring at no1tutors isn’t about memorising facts and formulas. It’s about finding yourself while learning in an environment devoid of bias and acrimony. We pride ourselves on the ability to discover who you are. We know that meeting you, the real you, will help us channel your strengths and work on your weakness(es) and this will automatically raise your confidence. No matter how slow-a-roll you’ve been told you are, we can invigorate you to a provocatively adept level because all we have to do is raise your confidence.

A plan in its simplicity is effective when the complexities and dynamics of difficulties relating to the plan are peeled back;such a level of concentration takes discipline and that is what makes a no1tutee. We provoke your thoughts with the essence of ‘whys’ because this is the essence of education. You don’t jump loops because we asked you to, you scale barriers because you fashioned a course to chart while getting support to find yourself and be the best you can be. You’re elevated from a degree of ineptitude by your vision and resolve to succeed.

Who is this? A no1tutee! Is that you?

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